EOD Suit Cooling - maintain full cognitive ability in high ambient temperatures. Never again face the decision to operate unsafely (without protective suit), or unsafely (with impossible temperatures)

Traditional EOD suit coolers utilise ice or CO2 dry ice via water loop tubes in an undersuit to remove body heat. ManPAC 1EOD has the following advantages:

~ there is no undersuit and no tubes to wear, no decision to be made
~ in addition to the cooling, forcing air through the suit doubles cooling performance and comfort by allowing evaporation of sweat
~ the unit requires no ice maker, just 24v power from the vehicle to recharge spare batteries and operate time after time through the day.

Weight: 3.95 kg with battery
Size: 182mm x 278mm high x 135mm
Power: Li-Ion Battery<10A
Cooling: 175-385w cooling