About Us

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Established as an independent business in 1999, Stream was built on a foundation of more than 10 years of hard won prior experience in HVAC engineering, and associated disciplines including acoustics, electrical and electronic engineering, physical and chemical work, and human physiology.

Since those early days our philosophy has not changed, only to incorporate digital and network-based control and reporting, and as a company we now bring 30 years of specialist engineering solutions experience to the challenges of the current military HVAC requirement.

Based in NW London, with excellent access to road, rail and air communications we are ready to take on your engineering challenges. Stream is also active in marine and construction HVAC , control systems and information technology.

We specialise in integration of the disciplines necessary to resolve human environment challenges. Working within structural engineering constraints, refrigeration, thermodynamic, acoustic, electrical, controls and human physiological issues are taken into account to produce rugged and powerful systems that stay in the game.

We create environments which are conducive to optimum cognitive function, and ultimately survival, and develop integrated and science-based solutions for extremely challenging operational requirements. Another area of our work which is applicable to many modern applications is low noise HVAC and acoustic management for confined spaces, shelters and containers.

Stream Defence Systems – because it is mission critical to get the best from people.

Integrity in every area of business
Optimised qualites and value through design
Trust and empowerment of all business partners and associates